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Belly Button Beer!

April 22, 2016

7 cent Brewery is pleased to announce the launch of Belly Button Beer, a truly unique brew which will see first light at the 2016 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS).Perhaps the first beer in the world fermented from yeast captured from the brewer’s belly button fluff; there will be a little bit of 7 cent in every glass. Some say why? We say why not?The process of isolating our own yeast strain involved swabbing samples of each of the brewer’s belly buttons and getting our full science on by streaking out the samples on agar plates.  After allowing the plates to ...more

Who are we?

7 cent Brewery is owned and operated by three engineers who are beyond passionate about beer.   We are inspired by the craft brewers before us who have challenged the palates of beer drinkers, been brave enough to brew something unique and not follow the status quo of the beer world.

The core philosophy of the brewery is to make beer that excites us and to make beer that we love to drink.  In no way will we let supply, the market or budgeting compromise the quality of 7 cent beer.  If other people want to drink it, bathe in it, rub it on their hips and let it eat through to their liver, freeze it into ice blocks in winter and skate on it, then melt it in spring time and drink it, or whatever they decide to do with it, it’s all an added bonus for us.

Why 7 cent?

After a long day of construction at the brewery, we ended the day with a sacrificial burning of old couches to please the beer gods and give them something to rest their drunken and weary behinds on.  In the morning, along with a couple of sore heads, all that remained was a pile of ash, burnt springs and old 1 and 2 cent pieces that had been long lost eons ago down the back of the couches.  How many coins were there you ask? A total 7 cents of course!  In our bleary-eyed state this was a clear omen from the beer gods and a name was born.