Well it seems we are overdue for an update. 

First things first, since our last blog we finally finished the construction of the brewery and tested the system for the first time. 

To our relief, excitement and perhaps most of all surprise the whole brew went off without a hitch.  This is either down to pure luck or our extremely impressive engineering skills, all-round greatness and chiselled jaw lines…….we prefer to think the latter.  Before you get too excited unfortunately this delicious brew will not be available for sale. Our next challenge is to please “The Man”, as we apply for all the required licences and permits.  Once we are over this hurdle we will be brewing madly to bring some golden elixir to a bar near you soon. 

In other news Brendan (aka Bakes) and Doug (aka Dug) have both been overseas scouring the globe for beery inspiration.  Brendan smashed (among other things) old pubs across England in search of the ultimate “real ale”. This was followed by an awe inspiring visit to Belgium, the motherland of beer, where the range and availability of amazing beer and acceptance of public urination was king.  Dug on the other hand visited microbrewery beervana in the USA in search of the perfect IPA, which turns out wasn’t very hard to find.  These were both very successful trips and we came back with lots of new ideas that we are excited to unleash in the not too distant future.

Whilst Dug and Bakes were whetting their whistles abroad Matthew (aka Bousa) commenced the tough task of “taste testing” the results of our first test batch.  Such a thorough job was done that when he went to share the keg with mates a few weeks later he found the keg to be completely empty, a testament to quality of the brew!  Bousa also got busy and proposed to his girlfriend Louise.  A big congratulations goes out to Bousa and Louise, unfortunately this means Bousa has been castrated and can no longer be part of 7 cent Brewery. Let us all pause for a minutes silence to remember our fallen comrade………shhhh.  Ok, just kidding, couldn’t do it without you Bousa!

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The chiselled jaws from 7 cent.