Greetings boys and girls.  I know, I know, it’s been a long while since we posted and we do apologise from the bottom of our pint glasses.  We have been very hard at work and are oh so very close to being able to start production.  At the moment we are still three guys with a pipe dream who own a bunch of stainless steel, pumps and hoses……soon to be three guys who own a legit brewery.

It has taken us a while but we have finally updated ‘the beer’ section of our webpage.  To save your poor tired finger the energy required to click the link here it is below…you’re welcome.

At 7 cent Brewery we love great beer.  What we brew at 7 cent is the kind of beer we want to drink, often a little over the top and nothing short on flavour.  You may love it, you may hate it.  We don’t really care, as long as we can brew it.

Whapping Wharf – ESB (5.2% ABV)

If only sissy boys drink warm and flat English ales, well call us Princess and hand over the training bra, coz we love ‘em!  A beer that surely would have been well received a few hundred years ago down by the wharves in Bristol and a beer that is very well received by us.  Bakes’ pride and joy, this is not a shy ESB as it exhibits a profusion of rich malt.  If you’re really lucky you might find it served properly, at cellar temperature on a traditional hand pump.  The Limey Pommies might be horrible at the sports they invented and horrendously ugly, but at least they knew how to make a good pint of ale.

Hard Deck – American IPA (6.5% ABV)

Hard Deck is an US West Coast style India Pale Ale (American IPA) that is ‘insert generic description about bursting with bla bla bla’.  We could talk this beer up, but what’s the point, you probably won’t like the ruthless assault on your nasal cavity and you’ll almost certainly hate the full bodied malt base.  Dug would say it needs more hops, but he would say the same thing with a fist full of hops in his gob.  Other IPA’s tend to stick to the rules, if you don’t like our take on an IPA, as our good friend Jester would say; “Get your butt’s above the hard deck and return to base immediately”.  All we know is we love it, but don’t take our word for it….

B4 – Belgian Dark Strong Ale (9.0% ABV)

Perhaps in a past life Bousa was a master confectioner, or more likely a little orange man with a green perm who sung merrily all day long.  All we know is in this life he has put his candy making skills to good use.  This one is Big; it is definitely Black; its style is Belgian and its Bousa’s love child.  The result; Bousa’s Big Black Belgian, or to the common man, B4.  A Belgian Dark Strong Ale, loaded up with kilograms of homemade candy sugar, we love making this beer and love to drink it even more.  Strap yourself in.  At 9.0% it’s a wild ride!

Specialty Batches

They will be sour; they will be big; they will have ingredients that have no worldly place in beer; they will be aged in oak barrels and they will blow you meager little minds.  We are very excited about producing some delicious one off specialty batches.  These will be extremely limited releases so make sure you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, if you don’t want to miss the spoils.

In other news we are extremely proud to announce that there will be a donated keg of B4 on hand pump at Penny Blue Bar on the 30th of November as part of an official Movember event.  All proceeds will be going to the two main sponsors; Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  So if you currently have a festy caterpillar upon your upper lip, come along and show us how by the end of the month you could put Tom Selleck to shame.  And if you don’t, come anyway! For more information on the event click here and search for Penny Blue Bar at 2 Driver Lane.

As always and until next time, you stay classy planet earth.