So, this may not come as a surprise to the lucky minority of you paying attention to our electrifying book face and twatter accounts; but we have a good reason to have these ridiculous smirks on our faces (I know you can’t see, but they are there, and they are ridiculous).  After many, many months of hard toil and tribulation we have been given the official tick of approval from ‘the man’ and ‘the man’s third cousin twice removed’, meaning we can finally start making beer!  A big thank you goes out to all our friends and family who have supported us, showed a little bit of interest and said ‘mmm that’s nice’.  A very special and big thank you goes out to Alastair and Dianne, who have not only given us a place to run the brewery, but have showed us immense support, given us a bed after late nights at the brewery and provided us with the world’s best scones (sorry other mums, but you need to lift your game). Without you this pipe dream could have never happened, and for that we are eternally grateful.

But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there, not only can we now make beer, we have made beer!  Our first commercial brew day was a little bit of making beer, a lot bit of high fiving and a colossal bit of celebration and good times. We will be kicking things of with the launch of our first beer, Whapping Wharf, at Penny Blue bar on the 16th of February, 6pm till late.  More information on the event is available on our Facebook page.

We haven’t even brewed all three of our main line-up, yet we have already brewed our first specialty batch!  All we can say for now is it contains a lot of cherries and will be a one off 50 L keg. Unfortunately you will have to wait a while before it’s released; in the meantime however you will just have to enjoy our next beer, Hard Deck IPA which will be out in bars mid-March.

Now that we have our big boy pants on, we are extremely excited about the future ahead.  We can’t wait to make more beer and get involved in the amazing craft beer scene that is flourishing in Victoria.

Stay tuned for more news soon, the gents from 7 cent.