As most of you would be aware, possibly the greatest week of the year is about to hit us smack bang in the face with all its splendour and glory.  We are of course talking about the one and only Good Beer Week 2013 (GBW) along with the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) and so that our faces don’t melt (Rader’s of the Lost Arch style) with excitement we thought we would relieve some pressure by writing about all the awesome events we will be involved in during GBW (18th – 26th May).

Firstly Dug and Bakes have done the noble thing and taken the whole week off their day jobs so they can focus solely on being awesome and getting involved in as many GBW events as they can. Poor Bousa has just started a new job so can only get the Friday off but will be putting a gallant effort of solid evenings at GBW events and fronting up to work the next morning acting as “professional” as his blood shot eyes will allow. Maybe one day we won’t have to worry about our day jobs getting in the way of our real love, 7 cent.

We have developed three brand new beers just for GBW & GABS which we are pretty excited about, especially given we have only actually released two of our core range so far (Whapping Wharf ESB and Hard Deck IPA). Firstly, after having a good chat to Crafty Pint, we have been lucky enough to get a beer we call Mista Sparkle on at the GBW Hub, The Terminus Hotel, on the opening night. Mista Sparkle is a Japanese inspired ale brewed with white and brown rice, Japanese grown Sorachi Ace hops and Jasmine Green tea.  We then split the batch in two and fermented 50 L with an American Ale stain and 50 L with Sake yeast.  The Sake yeast version will be on at the Terminus and there will only be one keg, so make sure you get on it early. The American Ale version will be tapped at The Local Taphouse.  An interesting experiment and both versions are refreshing and sessionable.

Our second new beer for GBW was actually brewed back in January and time has done it wonders. We call this beer Glass Case of Emotion and has been brewed specially for Penny Blue’s Sourfest event. As you might have guessed this is our first attempt at a sour beer and it’s no ordinary sour either. This beer’s journey first began as rich chocolaty Porter, we then sparked up a secondary fermentation by adding loads of freshly picked juicy cherries from an orchard just down the road from the brewery.  We then added a blend of souring bacteria, primarily Lactobacillus, and let Mother Nature work her magic.  The result is a dark beer with big notes of cherry, refreshingly sour and a slight chocolaty body to balance the whole emotional calamity out (keep it together man!). This is a very limited release with only 48 bottles in existence. If you missed out on Sourfest tickets there will be some leftover for sale at Penny Blue after the event, but be sure to get in quick.

Our third new beer has been brewed for GABS. Wet Willie is a wet hopped harvest ale, you can read more about it on our previous blog post here, but be sure get along to GABS to try this and the 91 other amazing new beers that will be on offer, it’s truly an event that can’t be missed. We find that Wet Willie really comes alive as it warms up, allowing the big malt base of rye and Special B to shine through and meld with the resinous fresh wet hops.

We also have a fresh batch of Hard Deck IPA ready for release at the start of GBW and kegs have been dropped off at the Local Taphouse already so watch out around Melbourne for that in the coming weeks.  More venue location will be announced on Twitter soon. 


The melting faces of 7 cent.