Well haven’t we been busy here at 7 cent Brewery.

Bousa got married; Dug finally proposed to the love of his life (his partner Kaia, not beer); Dug went on a US beer trip and Bakes travelled Scandinavia in search of great beer and culture.

Since our last blog update much has happened in the brewery too.  The Royston Hotel were the first to get their mitts on the B4 (our Belgian Dark Strong Ale) and decided to pair it with a cheese, smart buggers.  The beers and cheese went down an absolute treat.  Thanks to all of those who came along and supported our course of drunken tomfoolery.

The Alehouse was the first venue to host all three of our core range beers, being the ESB, IPA and Belgian Dark Strong Ale.  Was a great showcase and we’re stoked firstly that The Alehouse wanted our beers flowing amongst breweries such as Clown Shoes and Southern Tier; and secondly that the beer was so well received and ran out quicker than any of us had anticipated.

Mark and Dan from Craft Beer Crusaders thought they’d come and see how we roll at 7 cent.  Bousa and Doug showed them around the ‘ghetto’ and it’s fair to say they were suitably impressed.  So much so that Mark thought it apt to announce on twitter that the 7 cent Brewery Barleywine was the beer of the series!

Speaking of Barleywine, there is around 200 litres of it sitting in a whiskey barrel at the brewery, slowly working it’s oaky magic on creating a beer that’s worthy of the 12 month maturation.  At a pinch, we’d suggest that one will be tantalising your tastebuds and rousing your nether regions around early to mid-next year.  In a second whiskey barrel is a blacker than tar Russian Imperial stout that should weigh in at around 10% and over 150IBU, watch out for it in time for winter next year.   You could pour either of these beers onto your thigh and the alcohol will seep right through to your bloodstream.  You have been warned!  Watch this space along with our Twatter and Bookface accounts closer to the time for more information on them….

We also have 2 very limited release beers that will soon be available. One brewed specially for Alestars at The Local Taphouse, a Peated Saison (1 keg only) and the other “Rum’s of Anarchy” an Oaked Rum Rye Stout which will be in bottles shortly.  More details about these beers will be up on our “The Beer” section of our webpage when they are available.  In addition to these we’ve put down a couple of brews that’ll inject a little bit of funk and sour in your lives, more information will be available when they reach James Brown levels.

Expect to see more of Mista Sparkle this summer, with a full size batch (not a one-off keg) planned for later in the year.  Mista Sparkle was the first keg to blow at the launch party of Good Beer Week 2013; who’d have thunk that a small startup brewery could hold such an unofficial GBW title!

Over the next couple of months, 7 cent will be busy little barmen as well!  You will see us at The Local Taphouse (St Kilda) with 4 of our beers for Alestars Showcase on October 22; Bendigo Beer Festival on November 30; and Dan O’Connells Brewery Showcase on December 6.  Yet somehow we will need to make more beer in there too….

Bye for now!

The Sparkly Mista’s of 7 cent.