Well well.  Here we are again with another stupidly long gap between updates.  We have been busy, very busy, and despite spending close to a year playing the ‘weekends are for chumps’ game, there really are no excuses for letting the updates slide, so sorry.  It really seems like just yesterday we launched our first brew and here we are with 13 different beers under our belt (some yet to be released) and our first year of commercial sales already drawing to an end. 

I think it has taken this long for us to come to the realisation that we actually do own a brewery, one that brews beer too.  A culmination of many things has led us to this grand revelation.  Having beer on tap at the opening party and being part of other events for Good Beer Week really kicked it off.  The Great Australian Beer Spectapular really made a ridiculous week even more amazing.  Becoming TV stars on Craft Beer Crusaders and taking part in Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse were other highs.  An amazing day basking in the sun and dishing out frothy offerings at the Bendigo Craft Beer Festival helped; chatting to the punters and getting some great feedback was all part of the fun.  To top it off we revelled in the first proper release of a bottled beer in the form of The Angry Freeballing Frenchman.  This release was coupled with all the love, hatred and confounded faces that only a 100% peated malt Saison beer can bring.  We couldn’t be more stoked that not only we have somehow managed to get this pipe dream up and running, but we have been able to take part in what is the greatest, most supportive, most enjoyable and surely fasted growing industry around.  Ok, this post is getting way too serious, I think we need to bring it back to 7 cent levels of douchebaggery……… Testicles.  Ahh.  Much better! 

So you’d expect that with a year under our belts we would be a much more knowledgeable bunch.  And to be fair, despite our superior intellects, dashing good looks and extraordinary modesty, we have indeed learnt a lot.  Not just about how to make better beer for you thirsty lot, but about how to make this thing profitable!   We can’t wait for the year to come and to continue to learn, innovate, improve and perhaps most importantly, grow!  Talking of growth, plans are in the works that involve bringing out the spice weasel and knocking our production up more than a couple of notches.  Most importantly for you lot is a more regular supply of beer, greater reach and even more variety.   BAM!

With one year since our launch fast approaching, we have grand plans to celebrate our anniversary in style.  The Alehouse Project has been kind enough to host our celebrations.  Of course what would a birthday party be without a delicious beer to celebrate?  The beer is called ‘7 Century’ and is a 10.5% monster Triple IPA with a tongue stripping, arguably quite unnecessary, 700 theoretical IBU’s!  An absolute ludicrous amount of hops went into making this brew; in fact as an approximation one glass of ‘7 Century’ has the same amount of hops that goes into well over two slabs of your typically Aussie megaswill.  This isn’t a celebration of hops; it’s a hedonistic orgy of hops!  We apologise for nothing!  Details about the event can be found here.  To make the night even more epic, the ‘yeast whisperer’ and brewing legend behind Brew Cult, Hendo, will be celebrating his 40th on the same night. 

Thanks for stopping by planet earth, beers and cheers!

The hop seeking hedonists of 7 cent.