The idea of writing a blog about our brewing shenanigans seemed like quite an appealing idea, that’s until we had the staggering realisation that we are a pack of lazy buggers who prefer making beer and not really writing about it.  The more you know.  There is only one thing to do from here, mop slippers! 

Our last update was well over a year ago, just prior to Good Beer Week 2014 in fact. Where does the time go?  We could do a quick rundown on what we’ve been up to since the gap in communications, but as per our previous revelation, we’re as slack as a drunken sloth on a Sunday.  Instead we’ve added a selection of pictures from the year and we will do some future retrospective blog updates down the track…..maybe.    

Don’t fret though, we’ve come up with a devilishly awesome plan to keep the world wide interwebs up to date with our actions.   Blogs will be more frequent, but short and sweet with lots of pretty pictures, well that’s the plan anyway.   

To wrap things up, we might take a quick retrospective on our range of beers, 34 different styles in total in fact!  To be fair, a lot have been one off experimental batches, but hey, that’s the kind of shizang we love doing!  These beers have come in ABV’s that range from a seasonable 2.9% right up to a downright dangerous (aka goddamn awesome) 23.4%!  Odd ingredients are always fun to experiment with; clams, quinoa, goji berries, rosewater, 100% smoked malt, sake yeast, native pepperberries, Thai herbs and wild rocket to name a few!  Some beers fall nicely into standard styles such as Double IPA and Berliner Weiss; whilst others are more boundary crossing mongrel brews such as a Black Farmhouse Rye IPA and a Blackberry Lambic Stout.  Barrel aging is also starting to take hold at the brewery, with an ever growing family (currently 16 full barrels) housing a variety of sour beers, Russian Imperial Stouts and Barleywines.  More on that later!

Bye bye for now, from 7 cent.