Fleeting little blog update to show off our awesome new illustrations for our three core beers and the Loose Change Range.  For anyone who missed it, the Loose Change Range covers any brews that are seasonal, one-off, specialty or just too damn ridiculous to justify ever brewing again (*cough*, Black Clam Gose, *cough*).  Massive shout out to the man of the moment Travis Price, who is the madly skilled all round nice guy who has been tirelessly working on all our new illustrations.  Fair to say we are quite chuffed with how he has conveyed us in art form.  Almost as if he was Da Vinci and us, his Mona Lisa(s).  They show an uncanny resemblance, don’t they?  For more of what he is capable of, we highly recommend you check out his other work here

Anyways, without further ado, check it all out below!