Belly Button Beer!

7 cent Brewery is pleased to announce the launch of Belly Button Beer, a truly unique brew which will see first light at the 2016 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS).

Perhaps the first beer in the world fermented from yeast captured from the brewer’s belly button fluff; there will be a little bit of 7 cent in every glass. 

Some say why? We say why not?

The process of isolating our own yeast strain involved swabbing samples of each of the brewer’s belly buttons and getting our full science on by streaking out the samples on agar plates.  After allowing the plates to incubate, we found all sorts of interesting things growing, including what appeared to be colonies of yeast.  Positive controls were used to help us identify yeast colonies and negative controls were used to ensure our techniques were sterile.  We selected individual yeast colonies and grew them up until we had pitchable quantities for trial batches.

Tasting the sample batches from each brewer was great fun and we selected the one that we thought had the best character as our GABS beer.  We then grew the selected yeast strain to a pitchable quantity for an 800L batch.  

Can you guess which brewer it came from?   Bakes?  Bousa?  Doug?

The beer itself is in the style of a new world-ish Belgian-ish Witbier with fresh orange zest and toasted coriander seeds. The yeast exhibits qualities of Belgian beer with the key characteristics being spiciness, clove and light banana esters.  The orange zest and coriander seeds were used to help complement the yeast and a calculated amount of Riwaka and Mosaic hops were added to increase the citrus qualities and give it a refreshing hop kick.  Four different grains were also used to add both body and complexity including: barley, wheat, oats and rye.

 The inspiration for this beer arose a couple of years ago when Rogue produced their Beard Beer fermented with yeast captured from the brewer’s beard.  We tried the beer and instantly started talking about other places you could capture yeast from.  We are really interested to see if the idea of drinking something that originated from a brewer’s belly button is too much for even the most hardened beer geek.  Once you get used to the idea that yeast is yeast no matter where you get it from and that the water we drink is really recycled dinosaur urine, then you can just sit back and enjoy the beer… theory.

We’ve even made an awesome video for the launch which you can watch here.


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Public shocked…. Blog updated twice in 2 months!!

Fleeting little blog update to show off our awesome new illustrations for our three core beers and the Loose Change Range.  For anyone who missed it, the Loose Change Range covers any brews that are seasonal, one-off, specialty or just too damn ridiculous to justify ever brewing again (*cough*, Black Clam Gose, *cough*).  Massive shout out to the man of the moment Travis Price, who is the madly skilled all round nice guy who has been tirelessly working on all our new illustrations.  Fair to say we are quite chuffed with how he has conveyed us in art form.  Almost as if he was Da Vinci and us, his Mona Lisa(s).  They show an uncanny resemblance, don’t they?  For more of what he is capable of, we highly recommend you check out his other work here

Anyways, without further ado, check it all out below!


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Dusty Cups

The idea of writing a blog about our brewing shenanigans seemed like quite an appealing idea, that’s until we had the staggering realisation that we are a pack of lazy buggers who prefer making beer and not really writing about it.  The more you know.  There is only one thing to do from here, mop slippers! 

Our last update was well over a year ago, just prior to Good Beer Week 2014 in fact. Where does the time go?  We could do a quick rundown on what we’ve been up to since the gap in communications, but as per our previous revelation, we’re as slack as a drunken sloth on a Sunday.  Instead we’ve added a selection of pictures from the year and we will do some future retrospective blog updates down the track…..maybe.    

Don’t fret though, we’ve come up with a devilishly awesome plan to keep the world wide interwebs up to date with our actions.   Blogs will be more frequent, but short and sweet with lots of pretty pictures, well that’s the plan anyway.   

To wrap things up, we might take a quick retrospective on our range of beers, 34 different styles in total in fact!  To be fair, a lot have been one off experimental batches, but hey, that’s the kind of shizang we love doing!  These beers have come in ABV’s that range from a seasonable 2.9% right up to a downright dangerous (aka goddamn awesome) 23.4%!  Odd ingredients are always fun to experiment with; clams, quinoa, goji berries, rosewater, 100% smoked malt, sake yeast, native pepperberries, Thai herbs and wild rocket to name a few!  Some beers fall nicely into standard styles such as Double IPA and Berliner Weiss; whilst others are more boundary crossing mongrel brews such as a Black Farmhouse Rye IPA and a Blackberry Lambic Stout.  Barrel aging is also starting to take hold at the brewery, with an ever growing family (currently 16 full barrels) housing a variety of sour beers, Russian Imperial Stouts and Barleywines.  More on that later!

Bye bye for now, from 7 cent.


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Good Beer Week 2014 is Nearly Upon Us!

It’s almost that time of year again where every day feels like Christmas and the gift of beer is ever abundant. That’s right folks, batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters and get those pint glasses in hand for all that are ready, willing and able, Good Beer Week is nearly upon us! 

Firstly let’s get things up to speed since our last update.  We celebrated our first birthday at The Alehouse Project, a night that saw a keg of 700 IBU, 10.5% Triple IPA “7 century” disappear before 10pm.  Seriously, you guys have a drinking problem, an absolutely amazingly awesome drinking problem.  A big thanks to the Alehouse for hosting and a massive thanks to all who came to celebrate our birthday with us, you guys rock. 

A week after our birthday saw the first ever Craft Beer Rising, an amazing day to celebrate and support local craft beer which was created by the devilishly handsome (and increasingly hairy) James Smith from the Crafty Pint. We supported our friends at The Alehouse Project and the Terminus Hotel with 5 different beers, two of our regulars; B4 (Belgian Dark Strong Ale) and Hard Deck (American IPA) and 3 specialties. Mista Sparkle (Sake fermented ale with rice and jasmine green tea) returned with a vengeance and did not disappoint being the first keg to blow at the Alehouse, a repeat of its efforts at the Good Beer Week opening party last year. Angry Freeballing Frenchman (100% peat malt Saison) was resurrected in keg form and continued to elate, perplex and revolt punters the only way a 100% peat malt Saison can. The third specialty brew was a brand new one for us; a 100% Brettanomyces fermented IPA, THe RUSH.  We had great feedback about this beer and Good Beer Week will be your next chance to wrap your lips around some more.

So, that brings us nicely to back to our initial subject, Good Beer Week 2014! If you were in your second year of running a brewery, working full time and only brewing, cleaning, packaging, cleaning, delivering and cleaning on weekends what would be a sensible number of beers to have available for Good Beer Week? Three? Five? Six at a stretch? Well we don’t know sensible and do enjoy punishing ourselves, so we will have 10 different beers out in the wild at the same time! So…what beers and where can I get them I hear you ask? Well lucky we have made this amazeballs table for your perusal.




Hard Deck – American IPA (6.5%)

Learning to Fly – The Woodlands Hotel

18/5/14 to 25/5/14

Pint of OriginVictoria–Great Britain

17/5/14 to 25/5/14

B4 – Dark Belgian Strong Ale (9.0%)

Learning to Fly – The Woodlands

18/5/14 to 25/5/14

Pint of OriginVictoria–Great Britain

17/5/14 to 25/5/14

Wet Willie – Wet Hop Harvest Ale (6.5%)

Festival Hub – The Terminus

16/5/14 to 25/5/14

Pint of OriginVictoria–Great Britain

17/5/14 to 25/5/14

THe RUSH – 100% Brett IPA (6.1%)

Festival Hub – The Terminus

16/5/14 to 25/5/14

Mista Sparkle – Sake Fermented and Jasmine Green Tea Ale (5.4%)

Festival Hub – The Terminus

16/5/14 to 25/5/14

Rums of Anarchy – RumRyeDouble Stout (6.8%)

Young Guns of Craft Beer Dinner – The Woodlands (sold out)



Fizzy Good, Make Feel Nice – Blackberry Lambic Stout (5.5%)

Sourfest II – Penny Blue (sold out)


Young Guns of Craft Beer Dinner – The Woodlands (sold out)


Give ‘em the Clams – Black Clam Gose (2.9%)

Hair of the Dog Breakfast – Beer Deluxe (sold out)


White Rocket in Flight, Afternoon Delight – Belgian Farmhouse Wit with Wild Rocket (5.2%)

GABS – Royal Exhibition BuildingsCarlton

23/5/14 to 25/5/14

Calder Collab, Black is the new White IPA– Black White IPA (5.9%)

Calder Collaboration Brew – Hotel Shamrock (Gold Dust Lounge)Bendigo



Bendigoto Boaties – The Boatbuilders Yard



So who wants to know more about some of these new beers?  Well too bad because we are going to tell you anyway!

‘Rums of Anarchy’ is a Rum Rye Double Stout brewed in July last year, aged on sailor jerry soaked oak chips then blended with oak soaked sailor jerry to get the rum kick just right.

‘Fizzy Good, Make Feel Nice’ is a Blackberry Lambic Stout which started life as the second runnings from a Russian Imperial Stout.  We added a lambic yeast/bacteria blend and let it ferment/mature for 6 months then aged it for a further 2 months on blackberries. If you like an intense sour then this is the beer for you.

‘Give ‘em the Clams’ is a Black Clam Gose. That is a Gose (old German style beer lightly soured with lactobacillus and brewed with quite heavily salted water, mmmm salty), Black from some de-husked roast malt and Clams from a can that were put there by a man, in a factory down town.  The Clams and the idea for this beer came from the Beermen TV Hair of the Dog Breakfast from last year’s Good Beer Week. Bousa was lucky enough to be selected to partake in making a tasty beverage out of some pretty average ingredients; chilli sauce, salt, soy sauce and canned clams to name a few. Bousa either won or lost (we can’t remember) and to the victor (or loser) goes the spoils, a can of baby clams. After a few breakfast beers the creative juices (not clam juices) were flowing which is where the concept of this beer came about.

‘White Rockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight’ is our GABS beer this year.  A Belgian farmhouse wit brewed with loads of home grown wild rocket.  The rocket is picked well beyond the point you’d consider using it in a salad, but at the perfect moment you would consider using it in a beer.  Well we would anyway!  

Finally, back when calls for Good Beer Week 2014 events were just starting the boys from Holgate Brewhouse sent out an email to the new kids on the block (us) and suggested that we get together and do a Calder tap take over somewhere. These emails quickly turned from a simple tap take over to the suggestion of a Collaboration brew. Ideas flew around and invites expanded to include others on the Calder, Brookes Beer in Bendigo and a new brewery (yet to open) called Bandicoot Brewery in Echuca. So we had the breweries now what were we going to brew? Many ideas were bouncing around the emails including some philosophical thoughts on the many hours we have all spent driving the Calder highway.  Somehow at the end with much input from all a Black White IPA was selected; Black and White like the asphalt and lines of the Calder Highway.  This beer has the malt base, yeast and spices of a Belgian Wit, plenty of Australian hops to form the IPA and a whole pile of midnight wheat to paint this beer black as the ace of spades. Who brews to style anyway, Black is the New White IPA!  We had a stack of fun brewing this collab, big thanks to Holgate for sparking the idea and to Brooks for hosting us.

Have an amazing Good Beer Week everyone.

Until next time,

the clammy gents from 7 cent.


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We apologise for nothing!

Well well.  Here we are again with another stupidly long gap between updates.  We have been busy, very busy, and despite spending close to a year playing the ‘weekends are for chumps’ game, there really are no excuses for letting the updates slide, so sorry.  It really seems like just yesterday we launched our first brew and here we are with 13 different beers under our belt (some yet to be released) and our first year of commercial sales already drawing to an end. 

I think it has taken this long for us to come to the realisation that we actually do own a brewery, one that brews beer too.  A culmination of many things has led us to this grand revelation.  Having beer on tap at the opening party and being part of other events for Good Beer Week really kicked it off.  The Great Australian Beer Spectapular really made a ridiculous week even more amazing.  Becoming TV stars on Craft Beer Crusaders and taking part in Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse were other highs.  An amazing day basking in the sun and dishing out frothy offerings at the Bendigo Craft Beer Festival helped; chatting to the punters and getting some great feedback was all part of the fun.  To top it off we revelled in the first proper release of a bottled beer in the form of The Angry Freeballing Frenchman.  This release was coupled with all the love, hatred and confounded faces that only a 100% peated malt Saison beer can bring.  We couldn’t be more stoked that not only we have somehow managed to get this pipe dream up and running, but we have been able to take part in what is the greatest, most supportive, most enjoyable and surely fasted growing industry around.  Ok, this post is getting way too serious, I think we need to bring it back to 7 cent levels of douchebaggery……… Testicles.  Ahh.  Much better! 

So you’d expect that with a year under our belts we would be a much more knowledgeable bunch.  And to be fair, despite our superior intellects, dashing good looks and extraordinary modesty, we have indeed learnt a lot.  Not just about how to make better beer for you thirsty lot, but about how to make this thing profitable!   We can’t wait for the year to come and to continue to learn, innovate, improve and perhaps most importantly, grow!  Talking of growth, plans are in the works that involve bringing out the spice weasel and knocking our production up more than a couple of notches.  Most importantly for you lot is a more regular supply of beer, greater reach and even more variety.   BAM!

With one year since our launch fast approaching, we have grand plans to celebrate our anniversary in style.  The Alehouse Project has been kind enough to host our celebrations.  Of course what would a birthday party be without a delicious beer to celebrate?  The beer is called ‘7 Century’ and is a 10.5% monster Triple IPA with a tongue stripping, arguably quite unnecessary, 700 theoretical IBU’s!  An absolute ludicrous amount of hops went into making this brew; in fact as an approximation one glass of ‘7 Century’ has the same amount of hops that goes into well over two slabs of your typically Aussie megaswill.  This isn’t a celebration of hops; it’s a hedonistic orgy of hops!  We apologise for nothing!  Details about the event can be found here.  To make the night even more epic, the ‘yeast whisperer’ and brewing legend behind Brew Cult, Hendo, will be celebrating his 40th on the same night. 

Thanks for stopping by planet earth, beers and cheers!

The hop seeking hedonists of 7 cent.

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Sparkly Mista’s

Well haven’t we been busy here at 7 cent Brewery.

Bousa got married; Dug finally proposed to the love of his life (his partner Kaia, not beer); Dug went on a US beer trip and Bakes travelled Scandinavia in search of great beer and culture.

Since our last blog update much has happened in the brewery too.  The Royston Hotel were the first to get their mitts on the B4 (our Belgian Dark Strong Ale) and decided to pair it with a cheese, smart buggers.  The beers and cheese went down an absolute treat.  Thanks to all of those who came along and supported our course of drunken tomfoolery.

The Alehouse was the first venue to host all three of our core range beers, being the ESB, IPA and Belgian Dark Strong Ale.  Was a great showcase and we’re stoked firstly that The Alehouse wanted our beers flowing amongst breweries such as Clown Shoes and Southern Tier; and secondly that the beer was so well received and ran out quicker than any of us had anticipated.

Mark and Dan from Craft Beer Crusaders thought they’d come and see how we roll at 7 cent.  Bousa and Doug showed them around the ‘ghetto’ and it’s fair to say they were suitably impressed.  So much so that Mark thought it apt to announce on twitter that the 7 cent Brewery Barleywine was the beer of the series!

Speaking of Barleywine, there is around 200 litres of it sitting in a whiskey barrel at the brewery, slowly working it’s oaky magic on creating a beer that’s worthy of the 12 month maturation.  At a pinch, we’d suggest that one will be tantalising your tastebuds and rousing your nether regions around early to mid-next year.  In a second whiskey barrel is a blacker than tar Russian Imperial stout that should weigh in at around 10% and over 150IBU, watch out for it in time for winter next year.   You could pour either of these beers onto your thigh and the alcohol will seep right through to your bloodstream.  You have been warned!  Watch this space along with our Twatter and Bookface accounts closer to the time for more information on them….

We also have 2 very limited release beers that will soon be available. One brewed specially for Alestars at The Local Taphouse, a Peated Saison (1 keg only) and the other “Rum’s of Anarchy” an Oaked Rum Rye Stout which will be in bottles shortly.  More details about these beers will be up on our “The Beer” section of our webpage when they are available.  In addition to these we’ve put down a couple of brews that’ll inject a little bit of funk and sour in your lives, more information will be available when they reach James Brown levels.

Expect to see more of Mista Sparkle this summer, with a full size batch (not a one-off keg) planned for later in the year.  Mista Sparkle was the first keg to blow at the launch party of Good Beer Week 2013; who’d have thunk that a small startup brewery could hold such an unofficial GBW title!

Over the next couple of months, 7 cent will be busy little barmen as well!  You will see us at The Local Taphouse (St Kilda) with 4 of our beers for Alestars Showcase on October 22; Bendigo Beer Festival on November 30; and Dan O’Connells Brewery Showcase on December 6.  Yet somehow we will need to make more beer in there too….

Bye for now!

The Sparkly Mista’s of 7 cent.

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