Style: Black Farmhouse IPA

ABV: 6.5 %

IBU: 80

Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Wheat, Rye, Pale Crystal, Carafa III, Midnight Wheat

Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Victoria’s Secret, Riwaka, Citra

Yeast: Belgian Saison and French Saison

Next release: N/A

Description: So everyone and their mums is brewin’ round here. Like who? Farmers. Who else? Farmer’s mums. Hence another one off beer that we made called “Farmer’s Mums” a farmhouse IPA was born. But what if those farmer’s mums went to the dark side, turned evil, everything they did was for the “greater good”? Why they’ve named themselves “Judge Judy and Executioner”. As you might have guessed this beer is basically a black version of our Farmer’s Mums farmhouse IPA. With rye, de-husked dark malts, a blend of farmhouse yeasts and liberal use of Simcoe, Vic Secret, Riawaka and Citra you’re sure to enjoy this style crossing beverage.