Style: Whiskey Barrel aged Barleywine

ABV: 14.6 %

IBU: 100

Malt: Pale ale, Munich, Special B, Biscuit

Hops: Hercules, Amarillo

Yeast: American Ale & Super High Gravity

Next release: Jan/Feb 2015

Description:  Ever gone 6 fifths? You know that moment when you go beyond the limit, overshoot the extreme, max the envelope and so on?  What you’re holding in your hand is a beer with an inflated opinion of itself. A big hard bottle of opulence. This epic barleywine has spent no less than 18 months in whiskey barrels allowing it to express a gargantuan barrage of flavours. Expect sweet maltiness, toffee, dried fruit, barrel char, vanilla & loads of oak.  Best savoured in the glow of a wooden fireplace whilst rugged up in your finest smoking jacket and sunk into your comfiest leather chair, surrounded by rich mahogany and leather-bound books with your feet perched upon the head of a bear skin rug.  Pair it up with your favourite stinky cheese, decadent dessert or ice-cream floater…6 fifths yet?