Style: Black Gose with clams

ABV: 2.9%

IBU: 10

Malt: Pilsner, Wheat & Carafa III

Hops: Saaz

Other: Coriander seeds, sea salt & tinned baby clams

Yeast: German Ale

Bacteria: Lactobacillus

Next release: May 2014


Description: A beer that was initially conceived at the Hair of the Dog Breakfast during Good Beer Week 2013.  Bousa lost a competition to make the worst possible tasting drink out of all sorts of treats such as tabasco, chilli sauce, salt, soy sauce and our old friend canned clams (yes Bousa’s drink tasted the best) and to the victor goes the spoils, a can of baby clams.  Bakes took custody of the clams and proceeded to take them on a romantic date and tour of Melbourne.  During this time they formed a special bond, and we knew we had to treat them well.  So, for 2014 Hair of the Dog Breakfast, the clams have returned with vengeance, this time in a batch of beer!  Gose (pronounced gose-ah) is an ancient German style of that is slightly sour and brewed with salty water and coriander seeds.  We added the salty/briny character using the tinned clams and backed up the saltiness by adding a touch of dark malt.  Mmmmm clammy.