Sour Cherry Porter


Style: Sour Cherry Porter

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 10

Malt: Marris Otter, Rye, Victory, Crystal, Caramalt, Chocolate and Roast

Hops: Fuggles & Styrian Goldings

Other: Locally sourced fresh cherries

Yeast: Irish Ale

Bacteria: Lactobacillus

Next release: Brewed Sept 2015.  Gonna be a little while…..


Description: Drinker beware, this glass case possesses many elements that may evoke a cacophony of emotions. This beer’s journey first began as rich chocolatey porter but was turned on its head with the addition of a blend of souring bacteria. It was then matured with loads of freshly picked cherries from local Mount Gisborne Cherries and left for Mother Nature to work her magic in Shiraz Barrels for 15 months. The final product was then blended back into a freshly brewed porter that had been aged, yet again, on more cherries.  The result is a dark beer, refreshingly sour, with big notes of cherry and a slight chocolatey body to balance the whole emotional calamity out. Keep it together man.