Style: 100% Brettanomyces fermented IPA

ABV: 6.1%

IBU: 55

Malt: Golden Promise, Medium Crystal, Caramalt, Carahell

Hops: Simcoe, Columbus, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin

Yeast: Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois & Brettanomyces Bruxellensis

Next release: N/A

Description: The more hops in the beer the gooder it is. Yes, but by the same token the more brett in the beer the gooder it is also.  Simcoe hops…..mmmm, Mosaic hops…..yuuuum, Nelson Sauvin hops…..dribble dribble.  Got THe RUSH yet?  Or perhaps that’s just wild yeast in your beer.  This IPA is entirely fermented with a brett strain isolated from Brussels called Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois. You won’t find any horse-blankets here, instead this brett strain exhibits characteristics of mango and pineapple that intermingle with the hops into a harmonious cacophony of fruity goodness.  It’s like looking into the eye of a duck and sucking all the fluid from its beak.  Enjoy!